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On occasion, I like to look at Craigslist, which I consider to be one of the great Internet success stories of our time.

Not only is it great for browsing classifieds (which is where I found not only a great end table set, but the wonderful home where I now live), but it’s also fantastic for other nuggets of human interest, like personals, jobs, and humor.

I’m not going to simply repeat his rant here, but I did have a couple of items of note to mention, namely: 1.

I never seriously date a woman who terminated her last relationship because she wasn’t “happy”.

Personally, I’ve found most single mothers to be great people that are very appreciative of male attention. My rules were not nearly as complex – of course, I have a wonderful significant other and am so out of the single’s market that I’ve forgotten what the market is like – but yes, I do have rules, some of which were at one point probably a little similar to this person’s own.

It’s an interesting perspective on the culture of fatherhood, being single, and dating later in life that exists in world today.

Might come across as a shitty attitude to have, but I see no need to be a full time father to someone else’s children and a part time father to my own.

This is a personal preference I developed after having discussions with my own children.

Mine have been through enough already, I’m the Dad and feel I am doing what is best for my children, they were here first.

After all, it was his event that began the start of their new life.

Whether youre looking for love or just a good time with some great people, try a Lock and Key Event. With Lock and Key events, you can talk in person, read body language and can immediately tell if there is chemistry or not without having to email or chat back and forth a bunch of times, Reich says.

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In a conventional lounge atmosphere, approaching someone may be difficult, but not here. That would be a raffle ticket that may lead to a plethora of prizes and the chance to get another lock/key.

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