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Consolidation is only available for graduates not currently in school and students who are enrolled at less than part-time status.This means that you must be currently in repayment for your student loans and making payments, or within the allotted six-month grace period before entering repayment.Because economic crises often provoke calls for consolidation as a means of increasing government efficiency, the contemporary interest in consolidation is not surprising.However, the review of research evidence detailed in this brief suggests that a century of consolidation has already produced most of the efficiencies obtainable.Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering legislation that would reduce number of districts in the state from 500, according to a story from The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Before you rush to apply, it is important that you also are aware of the potential downfalls that can come with the decision for student loan consolidation.

While state-level consolidation proposals may serve a public relations purpose in times of crisis, they are unlikely to be a reliable way to obtain substantive fiscal or educational improvement.

— our strategic plan to be recognized nationally as a Top 50 public research university by 2025.

Arguments for consolidation, which merges schools or districts and centralizes their management, rest primarily on two presumed benefits: (1) fiscal efficiency and (2) higher educational quality.

The extent of consolidation varies across states due to their considerable differences in history, geography, population density, and politics.

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Student loan consolidation is defined as a process in which individuals take out a new loan to pay off existing student loans and work on repaying the single large loan.