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Please note, again, that PACE® is not for entry-level paralegals as there are strict eligibility requirements. The PCC™ Exam tests the knowledge, skills and ability of individuals who are working as paralegals or just entering the profession.On June 11, 2011, 188 paralegals took the PCC™ Exam pilot test at 12 test sites across the country.I knew what I wanted to say but the words just wouldn’t come out– it was terrifying. I felt that I was left to my own devices a lot after the stroke – my husband David and I, just wanted information about help that was out there.’’Barbara added:“After the stroke “ or “Before the stroke” are two of the most commonly used phrases in our home, not just by me but all the family members.‘‘I received help from the Community Stroke Team which was excellent but there just wasn’t enough of it! ‘‘Our worlds were turned upside down overnight - going from busy independent wife / mother / business person to the now familiar recovery process was and is an arduous journey. Aldred, RP®, OCP - renewal date 04/19/19 Dawn Almblad, RP® - renewal date 08/15/18 Rebecca Ayers, RP® - renewal date 12/15/17 Kandis Bachmeier, ALP - received credentials 09/13 Kristen Baker, CRP™, OCP - renewal date 12/21/17 Krista Bardsley, PP - received credentials 09/10 Caroline Barr ALP, PLS - received credentials 09/13 and 03/15 respectively Samantha Blair, CRP™ - renewal date 05/02/18Leisa Bulick, RP® - renewal date 08/24/18 Alice Burnham, CRP™ - renewal date 05/23/19 Lisa Cadungug, PLS, PP - received credentials 03/16 and 03/17 respectively Melanie Carvalho- Sage, RP® - renewal date 03/31/18 Kelley Chaney, RP®, OCP - renewal date 09/12/18 Cynthia Cleary, ALP - received credentials 09/15 Marianne Como, CRP™ - renewal date 04/03/18 Elizabeth Cox, CP - renewal date 07/31/21 Michele Davis, CP, OCP - 01/31/18 Brandie Davies, CLP - received credentials 03/17 Kimberly Dahlgren, PP - received credentials 09/11 Brenna Dickey, RP® - renewal date 04/03/18 Linda Escobar, CRP™, OCP - renewal date 02/08/18 Kathryn Flaxel, CRP™ - renewal date 01/10/18 Sandra Galati, RP® - renewal date 03/06/19 Palma Gigliotti, RP® Jane Kim, CRP™ - renewal date 12/23/18 Kimberly J.Kindred, CRP™, RP® - renewal date 06/13/17 and 11/16/17 respectively Beth King, RP® - renewal date 07/26/18 Dawn Lee, CLP - received credentials 09/16 Julie Lycklama, RP® - renewal date 03/09/19 Marjorie A.More than 350,000 people in the UK have aphasia, a communication disability which can be caused by stroke.

The Stroke Association’s SLT Communication Plus programme aims to increase participants’ knowledge and awareness of stroke and associated communication difficulties post stroke i.e. The programme supports participants in improving their communication skills for everyday living.

It was lovely to be around other people who had been through similar experiences as me.

They will know when I am struggling and give me the patience to find the words.’’Barbara added: ‘‘My words feel like they are locked away. The Stroke Association helped me find my words again, and gave me back my confidence.”The Stroke Association’s Lost for Words campaign aims to raise awareness of the challenges stroke survivors with communication difficulties can face, and help and support available.

Barbara said: “I was in hospital for about eight weeks and then I got to come home.

After my stroke my right side was paralysed and I lost the ability to talk.

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For more information on those programs, visit: NALS Certification Look for study groups to form in the spring and fall of each year to prepare for both the PACE® and PCCE™ exams!