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We were seduced and tricked by James Angus into signing a Macquarie Bank loan contract for a product we never applied for or was approved to be supplied to us by Macquarie Bank.

Not knowing Macquarie in-house terminology and being under extreme pressure due to Macquarie delaying the settlement dates twice (17 days), without explanation, Fiona signed her soul away to this uncompromising ferocious beast of doom and gloom.

Arriving in the mail on 25th August 2005, at the same time as the loan contract, were letters of approval for the LOC and, armed with these confirmations, we signed what has now become the disputed loan contract before Macquarie's experienced authorised agent and broker, John Hartney of Mortgage Fastrack, who himself was fooled by this misleading document and the letters of approval for the LOC.

The only reason why Arthur and Fiona were drawn to sit at the table with John Hartney and sign the disputed loan contract was the letters of approval we received from James Angus.

Even worse was the fact that the bank also charged us a higher interest rate from the very beginning of the loan contract than the agreed interest rate they promised to provide.

With the settlement not occurring until Fiona Cristian was in the midst of tightly scheduled renovations [September 19th 2005 - Bank staff, knowing we had seven weeks to complete renovations, caused two unexpected delayed settlements, the first for unknown reasons and the second due to house valuation expiring.

* Latest Updates/Diary/News - The Cristian Family Court Case:

Through broker, John Hartney of Mortgage Fastrack - Kangaroo Valley NSW, we investigated various refinancing options before settling on a Line Of Credit from Macquarie Mortgages (part of Macquarie Bank).

From July to August 25th 2005 we received three line of credit (LOC) approval documents from the bank and these confirmations encouraged us to sign the loan contract with the experienced Macquarie Mortgages authorised agent and broker John Hartney as witness.

Bill Moss We are the Cristian family, Fiona, Arthur, Jasmin, Emma, Frances and baby Xanthe.

In 2001 we bought a beach house on the northern tip of Jervis Bay, in a village called Currarong on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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Settlement finally occurred on 19th September 2005.

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