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The company wanted to create a modern workplace for its staff across Canada and offer cloud-based productivity tools and advanced data analytics to its brokers.

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Employees adopted these tools widely, thanks to a holistic approach to change management, and the company increased collaboration and gave brokers the data they need to provide expert guidance to clients.

Поделиться историей Good brokers need good data Reliable, comprehensive data is essential in a business that advises its clients on property management and investment strategies.

Наша основная задача - организация простой и удобной работы по рассмотрению заявок на лизинг в режиме реального времени. Мы сэкономим Ваше время: Предварительное одобрение в течении 24 часов, начало финансирования от 10 дней с даты одобрения. Мы поможем правильно заполнить Заявку и проверим документы. Вам не надо концентрироваться на их качестве и комплектности. Мы подберем Вам лучшие условия: Выбирайте, что для Вас важнее: небольшой аванс, индивидуальный график или минимальный пакет документов.

Colliers International is a real estate services company that helps its clients manage real estate projects, including buying, selling, leasing, and renting properties that range from commercial buildings to roads. The added value that Colliers offers its бизнес брокер solution business is enhanced knowledge and business insights for informed decision making.

The company had a lot of data, but it was primarily managed in spreadsheets and was difficult to share among staff.

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To create a modern workplace and supply employees with the tools they needed, Colliers deployed several Microsoft solutions. These included Dynamicsan intelligent cloud applications suite, for its ability to unify CRM and ERP capabilities; Power BI бизнес брокер solution business its business analytics tools; Microsoft Teams in Office for chat, meetings, and file sharing; and Surface Hub devices in office conference rooms across Canada for improved meeting capabilities.

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Initially, the company held employee trainings that focused on specific technology tools. But by lateColliers made a conscious decision to not train employees on individual tools.

Cотрудничество Работа в единой команде Нашим клиентам нужен деловой партнер, который понимает их бизнес и может проявлять гибкость при реагировании на их запросы и смену приоритетов. Мы работаем в одной команде со своими клиентами и их сотрудниками. Интеграция Обеспечение соответствия необходимым требованиям Мы вложили значительные средства в технологический процесс, инструментарий и технические средства для обеспечения интеграции с клиентскими бизнес- моделями, сервисными центрами и системами. Мы разрабатываем единые платформы для составления отчетности, которые обеспечивают гибкость, прозрачность и возможность контроля для клиентов по всему миру. Мы уверены, что идеи, которые рождаются в процессе обеспечения выполнения требований, могут стать реальной ценностью для бизнеса и стратегическим преимуществом для наших клиентов.

This holistic approach laid the foundation for increased employee collaboration and easier access to data. It бизнес брокер solution business to take us two years to onboard a new broker and help get them fully productive. With Бизнес брокер solution businessit now takes 6 to 12 months.

Lex Perry, Vice President, Marketing and Communications Colliers International Centralized customer data and insights Colliers uses Dynamics to gather data around its clients, its commercial бизнес брокер solution business, and other properties in the industry.

The company began by taking its customer contact lists, бизнес брокер solution business by individual brokers, from the old spreadsheets and databases and migrating them to Dynamics In the process, it discovered that four different databases were being maintained independently with an 89 percent overlap.

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That meant that бизнес брокер solution business brokers might end up reaching out to the same customer contact in the same day, an occurrence that was inefficient for both the broker and the client. With the contacts centralized in Dynamicsstaff save time in their day-to-day tasks.

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In the long term, the platform will have a significant impact on how effectively brokers can do their jobs. Using Power BI, we can bring data together in dashboards that we can quickly put in front of clients.

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In fact, we онлайн кврс доллара форекс do things in half an hour that might have taken days бизнес брокер solution business the past. Scott Addison, President of Brokerage Services Colliers International Improved business analytics Colliers found that its business data faced similar issues as its customer data.

It was siloed and had to be manually extracted, which took a lot of time.

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With Power BI, employees are saving time and increasing efficiency by accessing robust data, generating reports, and working with intuitive dashboards. Boosted employee engagement Remote meetings can be a challenge for companies that want to engage employees with richer communication than a standard video conference.

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According to Strusievici, Colliers is bridging the communication gap with the interactive calendaring, whiteboarding, meeting, and scheduling capabilities in Surface Hub. The company is exploring smart meetings and gaining more insights from unstructured data.

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So far, Colliers feels that the comprehensive solution has helped the company evolve into a modern workplace that is more than the sum of its parts. Colliers has used the Microsoft cloud-based tools to change the culture of the company, the type of interactions that colleagues have, and the level of value that it can deliver to clients.

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We focused on what employees needed to do every day, rather than focusing on technology, and you can do that only with a unified solution.

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