Church day latter saint dating

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Church day latter saint dating

The city was a magnet and yet to the early Christians Rome was also the new ‘ Babylon’, the fount of baseness, false gods and the enslaver of mankind.Christianity in Rome had to jostle with gods both old and new; Mithraism in particular was a blossoming religion, also from the east and with a character very similar to Christianity.The great sees of the early Christian world were Alexandria, Ephesus and Antioch – each a centre of early proselytising and of a large Christian community.

These were the ‘apologists’ who engaged in debate with Greek philosophers and competed with the priests of Mithra and other mystery religions.

Their chosen hero figure was Peter, It seems curious, to say the least, that a Galilean fisherman, a married Jew and the designated ‘apostle of the circumcision’, should become the iconographic, patronising and protecting hero-figure at the heart of Roman Catholicism.

With Jesus, Mary and the Father already in the pantheon, an especially important centre for the Faith.

If Christ was a creation, yet was himself a god, was Christianity a two god faith?

Jewish theologians certainly attacked the Christians for such an apostasy.

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The churches of the Mediterranean world were functioning as a number of autonomous entities, with only a minimal degree of doctrinal agreement. All of the ‘ Church Fathers’ were heretics judged by the standards of later centuries.