Dana workman dating dating disasters and how to avoid them

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Dana workman dating

The six-part paranormal reality show she co-hosts with rock star Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack sees the pair, as well as second team Jael de Pardo and Devin Marble, travel to the likes of Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Arkansas and Louisiana to seek evidence of hellhounds, skin walkers, ghosts and various other cryptozoological mysteries.Along the way they chat up an odd assortment of locals eager to tell their tales of terror.

“But there are things that we experience that we can’t explain necessarily. A lot of little things kind of happen that you don’t connect until you leave somewhere.” The L. “I just wanted to make jokes and make people laugh, and I knew I was good connecting with people and talking to people.

She may love comedy and even harbour dreams of doing stand-up someday, but Dana Workman can get serious when she has to.

Take, for instance, the considerable resolve that must be required to keep a straight face while investigating some of the stranger cases on.

“The things I’m most fascinated about, I’m also afraid of, like the ocean.” As for guys, Dana Workman looks for someone with a sense of human and is attentive to the little things.

She loves comedy, and has had roles in “8 Simple Rules” and “Malcolm in the Middle,” among others.

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After two seasons on Syfy’s “Haunted Highway,” Workman does believe there is something out there, but nothing you can bottle up in a jar and say, “Here it is.” “I had something happen when I was little, but I didn’t think about it, know to look into it, or believe in it necessarily until more recently,” the Los Angeles native says.

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