Dating an atractive person

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Still, there are some small "attraction hacks" that are proven to make women more attractive to men, and these things have been true since the beginning of time.Here are 11 scientifically proven traits that make women more attractive to men.Facial symmetry is one of the most commonly discussed traits that is said to determine how attractive a person is, or how likely other people are to be attracted to you.It was long believed that facial symmetry signified a healthy childhood that was free of diseases, but further studies have suggested that this may not be entirely accurate.Researchers have studied the science of attraction for ages, and there's a reason it is such an important topic: It teaches us all about the history of mating, attraction, and why certain people end up with others, and it's also just plain interesting!While it's interesting to know what makes a person scientifically attractive (or less so), it can be a dangerous game to play with your self-esteem.If you feel extra sexy wearing a red lip or a red high heel, it might be more than just a feeling!

Interestingly, the same isn't true for how attractive women perceive men to be.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and according to one study done in 2006, this just might be true!

The study found that hungry men were more likely to be attracted to women with a higher body weight than a man who has a full stomach.

While we are undoubtedly attracted to symmetry (both in nature and in art), it has been proven that having a symmetrical face does NOT indicate a healthy childhood.

Rather, it is now thought that facial symmetry is attractive simply because we are naturally attracted to symmetry as it is pleasing to the eye.

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