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Click here to download a PDF of the Ancona Important Dates Calendar for the 2017-2018 school year.Please note that this calendar is subject to change.Be sure to avoid the “Import” option, which only gives a snapshot, and doesn’t update when changes or additional events are added.and became a flourishing port, particularly favoured by the Roman emperor Trajan, who enlarged the harbour.New: See the School Days 4 1 calendar embedded in monthly view below.It is important to note that “subscribing” to an internet calendar allows for changes and new events to show up in your online calendar, while “importing” the calendar copies the events just once.This is our primary calendar, and reflects the most up to date information.

Julius Caesar took possession of it immediately after crossing the Rubicon.

Its harbour was of considerable importance in imperial times, as the nearest to Dalmatia, and was enlarged by Trajan, who constructed the north quay with his Syrian architect Apollodorus of Damascus.

At the beginning of it stands the marble triumphal arch with a single archway, and without bas-reliefs, erected in his honour in 115 by the Senate and Roman people.

Ancona is the capital of the province of Ancona and of the region.

The city is located 280 km (170 mi) northeast of Rome, on the Adriatic Sea, between the slopes of the two extremities of the promontory of Monte Conero, Monte Astagno and Monte Guasco.

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