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Dating commercial dart throwing

But Dr Madhusudhan Venkadesan, lead author of the study, said his team's findings actually found that even if a person is equally good at controlling the release at all speeds, faster throws will be less accurate.Dr Venkadesan said: 'Once you launch the ball, there's nothing you can do.'The ball's just going to carry out the consequences of what you did.'When a ball is thrown at speed, it travels in a nearly straight line, so errors in the angle at which it is released are amplified.Researchers from Yale University were interested in understanding the physics behind various throwing techniques, from tossing paper into the bin, to bowling in cricket.One common theory suggests that the faster you throw a ball, the more difficult it is to release it at the exact right time.'That's a question we're pursuing.'As for the question of whether to throw overarm or underarm, the researchers say this depends on several other factors – including the target's shape, height and distance.Most bullseyes hit with a dart in one minute - 23Most 'granny style' free-throws made in one minute - 13Fastest baseball pitch - 105.1 miles/hour (169.14 km/hour) Most free-throws made in an NBA game by player - 28Furthest throw of a playing card - 65.96 metres (216 ft 4 in)Source: Guinness World Records For example, experienced dart players throw overhand, optimally releasing the dart 17 to 37 degrees before the arm becomes vertical, at a speed of about 5.5 metres/second.On the other hand, if your bin is less than three arm lengths away and below shoulder height, an underhand throw is your best strategy.Even without working out such calculations, most people tend to throw in ways close to the mathematically optimal method.

One exception to this, is the underhand free throw in basketball, that Rick Barry set records with in the 1970s.Dr Venkadesan said: 'What we find is that almost the slowest arc is often the most accurate.'We've compared these calculations to published data of people throwing into wastebaskets, we've compared it to a study on dart throwing.'Despite these findings, throwing slowly wouldn't work for most baseball pitchers.Dr Venkadesan added: 'You don't just want to be fast or just accurate, you want to be fast and accurate, and this work tells us that this is particularly challenging.'The faster you are, the less accurate you are, so how can we be both?In contrast, when a ball is thrown slowly, small errors in the angle of release have little effect.Throwing fast and accurately is a uniquely human ability that other species struggle to do.

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