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Ibanez guitar production is outsourced to several companies and facilities through the world and the numbering schemes are different in each region and/or factory.The information on this page is culled from several sources both on-line and off-line and represents a distillation of the available information.Ibanez serial numbers are unique identifiers placed on instruments sold under the Ibanez brand.

What is known is that this rubric is used by Ibanez to set the production date for warranty claims.

One can perhaps make a reasonable guess as to whether a model with an F7 serial number was actually produced in 1987 or 1988 based on the production sequence (the last five digits of the serial number).

Any production sequences above maybe 45000 may be assumed to be 1988 models, although this rule of thumb doesn't appear to always hold true.

Sugi produces only a handful of high-end models for Ibanez.

These include a few special Signature models and some J Customs.

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Models produced through 1988 (and perhaps into 1989) have serial numbers starting with "F7" which would normally indicate production in 1987.