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Things reached a head when the character of "Cammy", who was supposed to be telling Ingrid a secret, paused her story in order to allow the cameraman to change batteries.Wiese began openly questioning the contest, eventually stating during an interview segment that she didn't believe it was real.

The show's first season, The Joe Schmo Show, aired in 2003, and its second season, Joe Schmo 2, aired in 2004.

In the show's October 28, 2003 finale, which aired to over 3.4 million viewers (the all-time record for a non-wrestling show on TNN/Spike up to that time), Gould learned the truth and received the 0,000 prize for which he was "competing," along with the two vacations and a new plasma TV.

He later recorded commentary that was included in Mo' Joe Schmo, a rebroadcast of the series.

Both the other "contestants" and the show's executives allegedly questioned the future of the show.

While Gould was kept in the dark until the very end, the tone of the show was apparently altered (according to the voiceover of the early episodes).

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Since Walsh had not suspected anything was awry, the producers continued to conduct the show as it was while at the same time trying to figure out what to do with Wiese.