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Dating i mrket nett tv

"It's my turn," Te Nesha Murphy said, "and Rob has been very supportive." They met in a club, at a party in Detroit.

Te Nesha had graduated from college and was living with her parents in Michigan, hoping to convince a television station to hire her for her bare minimum requirement of ,000 a year.

She would survive a long hiatus from the workforce in a volatile industry that skews young.

She would, for the most part, balance professional happiness with a functioning home life.

Te Nesha Murphy would accomplish all of this before she turned 40.

She would land a job her husband, her boss and her morning co-host describe as perfect for her effervescent personality.

But as she sat on her sofa each day and digested the news programs dialed up on her TV, Murphy allowed herself to dream.

Financial reality and then motherhood derailed those ambitions.When their rental agreement on a house in Michigan expired, Te Nesha asked about returning to Syracuse."I wanted to go back to Syracuse so that I could try to get back into broadcasting. I went to OCC to refresh my skills and get a new tape.She would agree to an internship, to overnight hours, to her dad's offer of moving to Syracuse to help care for the couple's young kids.She would advance past the steppingstone tasks of producing and morning anchoring to a reporter position at News Channel 9 and then a coveted spot on the station's morning Bridge Street talk show.

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"What she did was very difficult," her friend, Juli Boeheim, said. I told her from the get-go, 'I'm so proud of you.' What she did and what she sacrificed at the beginning — breaking into the station, the hours that she had.