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You can also ask the other adult to respect your beliefs.

If you're thoroughly convinced that it would be wrong to support this marriage by giving your daughter away, then by all means stick to your guns. Don't compromise your beliefs simply to appease her.

But in the end you have to treat your grown daughter as an equal and respect her decisions.

Second, bear in mind that here, as in every area of your relationship with an adult child, it's crucial to maintain healthy values and convictions.

We can also mention a few points you may want to take into consideration as you move through that process.

Over the more than twenty years of our marriage we've worked hard to raise her in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Her decision has come as a great disappointment to us.

We love our daughter, but for us this is a question of conscience and faithfulness to biblical principles.

And even if she doesn’t, introducing her to new people can be a positive and assertive thing to do- especially since you’re not directly intervening in her relationship, and you are still showing your daughter how concerned you really are.

This is not very good I mean I see the point in it but my parents didnt like my boyfriend at first and they have done all this and guess what..

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When you hate your daughter’s boyfriend, it can seem like there will never be peace in your house.

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