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And it will form crosswise white lines of drying saliva. He usually celebrates a retrieve in icy water by getting out and rolling in the snow.

When you see that, it's time to cool the dog down and in a hurry. If you have an inside dog and took them out when it was really cold I think it would suffer a lot more in comparison to a dog that was used to the cold.

I think fat is actually more insulating than the proper coat.

When the dog gets really hot, it's tongue gets too big for it to fit in it's mouth. I regularly hunt my dog in single digit temps but he lives mostly outside and is used to being and working in the cold.

Hey guys, I'm curious, at what temps are you finding it's too cold to hunt your dog?

We get plenty of days where the river is open with no ice but the air temp is around 20 degrees.

They help insulate her a bit from the cold of the aluminum deck.

She loves the warmth and stays there until the next birds are shot.

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