Get dating facebook app review

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Get dating facebook app review

If you live in, say, Lutefisk, Minnesota (population: 1,450) then you’re probably going to get matched with everyone you went to grade school with and your uncle’s creepy friend. Also, not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it would be cool to see Happn integrate with Foursquare or Facebook Places to connect with people who, say, might be at the same bar as you.

Yeah – that probably is just encouraging lack of social skills, but it would be interesting to test out.

but because I realized that this information allows you to find nearly any of your matches on Facebook using graph search.

Most are professionals in their mid-twenties and early 30’s – and based on job titles, the vast majority are successful and educated.

Instead of getting matched with “Chads” (ahem, It’s important to point out that my matches are 100% a reflection of the neighborhood I live in.

I have to admit, I’m not very active or eager about online dating.

I tried for 6 months last year and while I had some great dates, nothing came of it. There were plenty of times I saw and researched, erm, *tried to cyber stalk* attractive men I crossed paths with, assuming he was single.

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I do have the Tinder app on my phone, but haven’t actually met up with anyone (it’s more so of an icebreaker or entertainment for all of my dating/married friends). ) that I’d meet the man of my dreams while riding the CTA or walking to work or at happy hour after a long day. When I heard about Happn, my initial reaction was When I first heard about this new app, I read a few articles and realized it was created in Europe (I do love those Europeans though! I figured the reach in the United States wouldn’t be as prolific.

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