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But keeping poor or dysfunctional behavior a secret means it isn’t being dealt with or addressed.

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And every day you can see examples in the headlines, or on television, of the terrible outcomes of that theory.

We see examples of the husband, or wife, who is trying to hide the affair from their spouse- because they don’t “want to hurt them”.

And perhaps more importantly, if a person doesn’t want to hurt their spouse or family, or even themselves, they shouldn't engage in the secretive behavior in the first place.

That is the surest, more reliable, way to shield and protect those you love from pain, humiliation, suffering, and consequences. It may take months, years, or even decades- but in my experience, and from historical evidence, secrets almost always come to light.

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Believe this- the negative energy and stress required in keeping a secret will only increase in time, and it will, for most people, begin to eat away at their soul.