Is brett wilson dating sarah mclachlan

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Is brett wilson dating sarah mclachlan

Yet to the public, he is best known for being a panelist/investor on the CBC TV show Dragons’ Den.Brett Wilson credits the show ,where he invested in 30 businesses and from which he famously departed last February as a good stepping stone to helping him build his brand.And these days Sarah and Ashwin manage to have a civil relationship, could perhaps even be called friends, though it doesn’t sound like that was always an option after their divorce.But she values his talents as a drummer, which resulted in their collaboration on her last album.Unlike many others she only saw the negatives in her divorce, though that has likely changed now.Just because a marriage ends in divorce doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure.After her divorce Sarah said that she would be single for a long time to come.

"They were married 52 years, I think hated each other for 40," she says. Mc Lachlan revived her seminal 1990s all-female Lilith Fair concert tour, but it flopped. is the first of a two-record deal with Universal's Verve Music Group (out on Universal in Canada).

Sure, she lives a charmed life, but boy, things got rocky for a time there for Sarah Mc Lachlan. All at the same time," she tells me in an interview at her West Vancouver home. " She's Sarah Mc Lachlan, so what she did was write an album.

In the space of a few short years: a divorce, the death of her father and a split from her long-time manager. "So it was interesting – the next couple of years of just sorting through that: Who am I now? During a candid sit-down in her house – all windows and wood, with a grand piano nearby, and a little toy one under it – Mc Lachlan talked about midlife crises, parenting challenges, her own parents' bad marriage and the debacle that was the Lilith Fair revival in 2010.

In the first few years after diagnosis he left no stone unturned in seeking out the best treatment and he did beat the illness. In 2006 as a result of the cancer treatments he experienced a series of reactions including kidney stone attack and serious bladder infections, all this landed him in the hospital’s emergency ward another 8 times.

Call this a wakeup call of the sort one hopes to never get, nevertheless it changed Wilson’s life.

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Then there is the whole change of life philosophy which he has adopted after a near death fight with cancer and consequent reactions-more on that later. Long established in Calgary’s oil and gas investment field, Wilson is known for co-founding First Energy Capital and for his philanthropy, he’s currently the chairman of Canoe Financial and his own Prairie Merchant Corporation, as well as part-owner of several sports teams, including the Derby County Football Club and a minor league baseball team.