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The need to have prior experience at bdsm is a myth many future slaves worry about.

Every Master has his own brand of training techniques.

If there is no consent or mutual agreement, before you start, then there is abuse. This includes instilling motivation to guide her into fulfilling her desires to be a slave girl. Both parties know what is expected and agree before starting.

I recommend having the slave read every page of this or whatever training plan you use so she fully understands and agrees to your training style and methods. A slave begins her path into slavery by giving up choices.

Spending additional time to discuss issues in never a problem.

Many questions will arise and I would suggest that you always error on the side of safety both emotionally and physically.

Never fear your dreams of slavery, embrace them, and you will learn fast. Not everyone is suited for the bdsm lifestyle or wants it. Both parties must know what is involved and agree to proceed. You have to trust each other to move alone this patch together.It has been long understood by those engaging in BDSM that it must be sane, safe and consensual. Anything else is abuse and not what this website is about. In that case, you have to honor the partners wishes and remain vanilla or find a new partner. Even if your partner has a dominant personality that does not mean he wants to by your bdsm lifestyle dominant.These words are taken seriously by millions of people that engage in the lifestyle around the world. To learn more about safety look at this website and others Folks, B. In fact, it is not what the BDSM lifestyle is about. Torture to obtain submission or holding someone against their will, has no place in the lifestyle and is also a violation of law. is an acronym for: Behav­ior: Emo­tions: Self-Image: Thoughts: The­ory of B. Even if her basic personality is that of a submissive that does not mean she wants the bdsm lifestyle.

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