Miranda updating of group on server list failed

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Tor partly answers the project is about exploring the other side of the alternative: avoiding to put private data into untrusted hands in the first place.This is made possible thanks to Tor hidden services, that allow users to offer location-hidden services, and make self-hosting possible in many threat models.During this milestone, there are no or only small differences between Tails and Tails server except that the system is aware that he is booting into Tails server.The end user should be able to unlock and boot a Tails server USB stick without any GUI.John, Jane and Miranda would like to secretly work on a document. Tails can be used to access a centrally hosted Etherpad.Their physical location and identities should be properly concealed but the document itself can be intercepted by the server operators.If present, then we enter server mode and don't start X, network manager, etc., otherwise we just boot Tails in the normal fashion.

The only way the user have to do administration's related tasks is to use SSH. This is the first Tor hidden service implementation and it will allow the user to run a Gobby service from the Tails server.Anyone amongst John, Jane and Miranda could use Tails to host Gobby and SFTP servers behind a Tor hidden service. Keeping such servers at hand, on a live system, behind an hidden service is likely to prevent erroneous disclosure.Let's talk about group collaboration, communication and data sharing infrastructure, such as chat servers, wikis, or file repositories.They would like to have other means than blind trust to keep the secrecy.Tails can be used to pass Gnu PG-encrypted messages through a shared mailbox or a space.

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This step does not involve any configuration of the service, only the setup; no user interactions are involved during this milestone, since there is no configuration involved.

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