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For opening an account, there are money laundering laws and revenue laws that apply.But too bad for CT- they can't just continue to ignore the laws. And, hey, nobody said consumers get to make the 'rules' for businesses. Sure, stores can make policies, but they have to at least comply with the law. Where are these examples that the store policies are illegal?Pretty reasonable, if you think about it for 5 seconds. I deposit cheques into my own account all the time - I don't need to provide ID each tiem. ), then CT can't refuse to provide that service, just because a consumer doesn't provide ID.

Personal identification is not "necessary" for the transaction, and neither is a receipt.

Almost every single retailer mentions somewhere in their policies that ID may be required...come there is no mention that this is illegal by any credible promoter of fraud.

Do you really think the banks collect and record ID for money laundering? And since you, David Ler support deception, thus fraud, I will doubly ensure that I protect my interests against the likes of you. there's not even a spot to enter it if a clerk wanted to!

Cashing a cheque is a service...going to try and open an account without ID?

The people on here just get more ridiculous and stupid each day.

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