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"We've gone from being Alabama," Croome told me, "to being Vermont." Up into a lost world A couple of days after chatting with Croome, I was huffing up a ridiculously steep trail into Cradle Mountain National Park.

(The Tasmanians evidently don't believe in switchbacks.) Park of a chain of contiguous parks and preserves that form the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Cradle Mountain crowns the island's high central plateau.

Abel Tasman, the first European to set eyes on the island.

The songs and shrieks of unfamiliar -- and sometimes unnerving -- birds filled the air.

I half expected to see wombats the size of minivans (which once existed in Tasmania) grazing on the tops of the palm-like shrubs.

Killed last night." He spritzes off his hands with windshield wiper fluid and climbs back in the truck.

Green, largely unspoiled and dotted with sheep, Tassie, as everyone calls it, has the fresh and undiscovered feel of a pre-Frodo New Zealand.

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They transported those people to Van Diemen's Land," as Tasmania was known at the time.

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