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Far from running away, I tried to help him with his drinking.” Dagorn was charged with abducting Mr Mazereaux, administering Valium and beating him.She was found guilty and jailed for five years, which she was still serving at the time of last week’s case.By the time police found him half-naked and slipping in and out of consciousness, after his worried daughter could not raise him on the phone, the Black Widow had fled.She coldly claimed in court last week: “He drank too much and fell over. Paris is full of exclusive experiences, and I am always on the lookout for unique things to do and see. French dating site (Adopt-a-guy) opened a store for the week, where women can come in and “shop” for men. The men are actually there, in life-sized glass cases!

There, you can also find a wall of polaroids, so in case you miss your guy when he’s on display, you can catch him (and his number) later.He now says: “Three days of love almost cost me my life.” The widower had been overjoyed when the woman 30 years his junior had agreed to sex in exchange for living in his home.She had spotted his appeal for companionship on a dating agency site and wrote to him: “Dear ­Robert, I am 50 years old, golden blonde, slim figure, 1.58 metres tall (5ft 1in) and 45 kilos (8st 5lb). I propose a common future together, made of shared happiness, love and tenderness for two.” The widower was so smitten he immediately moved her into his large flat.A woman called Maryvonne, who runs a dating agency in Nice, remembers Patricia was very specific about the men she wanted to meet.She says: “The minimum age of the men she wanted to see was 55.

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After just three days together, ­Patricia drugged Robert’s meal before getting him into bed where she tried to get him to sign papers giving her 215,000 euros from his account.