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The mill was located at the foot of present-day King Street and was powered by water from Jackson Creek.This location, adjacent to the Ontario government Ministry of Natural Resources building, and Peterborough's Millennium Park may have been the site of landfall for a portage which connects in a direct line with Bridgenorth.In 1818, Adam Scott settled on the west shore of the Otonabee River.

The journey took 30 days to cross the Atlantic and on board the ship they were provided with bunks and food rations.The current (2018) mayor of Peterborough is Daryl Bennett.Peterborough is known as the gateway to the Kawarthas, "cottage country", a large recreational region of the province. I am very affectionate and I am not a fussy person.I enjoy being along a river or a lake and listening to the water flow.

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Scott's Plains was renamed Peterborough in his honour.