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Come and champion Big Jim and the Twins in all its fabulous colors.

Constitutional principles guarantee the protection of personal data in Portugal.We called the police and the confusion spilled out onto the streets.“We have our own security staff who stepped in to do what they could but with such a big number the situation became uncontrollable. It think it was an attempt at intimidating people so police could try to control the situation.” Last night event organisers distanced themselves from the trouble with a tweet saying: “Invasion Holidays and the associated companies do not condone the behaviour displayed last night.” An event scheduled for tonight was cancelled following the problems."Ten policemen for 1,000 young people." An eye-witness to the trouble which started at the bar called Liberto’s Bar, a 21-year-old woman from London known only as Chelsea, told Portuguese media: “Police officers came in and then the police officers and the boys started fighting. “We’re just here to have fun, we’re not here to cause trouble. Motioning to groups of people behind her after the riot police had turned up, she said: “Back here we have the battlefields of Portugal. Gunshots, thank you very much” before screaming as the first gunshot rang out.“The police officers started hitting people with batons. We came on holiday to enjoy ourselves ourselves and enjoy Portugal and it hasn’t been nice. But British expat Becci Rich slammed the holidaymakers as animals.

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