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Lindell gleefully reports the Trumps received the pillows, and he got a "personal email" from Donald saying "he and his wife really liked My Pillow." This seems like it's wrong.

Did the Trumps, people who live in the utmost luxury, really switch out whatever amenities come in the owner's suite at Trump Towers to try out a couple pillows that retail for .97?

This is all prelude to the most remarkable Mike Lindell fact of the week, which comes to us via the New York Post's Page Six gossip trough.

public perceptions of how victims should respond to physical and emotional trauma often conflict with the way victims actually behave, and these misconceptions can severely affect the fact finders’ assessment of victim credibility and ultimate case outcome.

Experienced professionals familiar with victim behavior understand that victims have individual responses to trauma that are often counterintuitive to public expectations, but may be unable or unsure of how to explain this to the jury.

First, he's going to have to stop running away with the hearts of all the conserva-gals who turned up for Donald Trump's inauguration.

Last week we brought you the story that Lindell, CEO of the oft-crticized-lately My Pillow empire out of suburban Chaska, might run for governor of Minnesota in 2018.

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