Sexy girls on kinect chat

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She envisions this as a covert penetration testing.

For that, the Pi Palette needs the ability to put the Wi Fi dongle into promiscuous mode.

In a statement, Microsoft said the following: "This isn't the first example of a technology being used in ways not intended by its manufacturer, and it won't be the last.

The main concern was that whilst he is excited about 1080p voice controlled cyber-sex-mutual-masturbation-whatever-you-call-it on an HD screen with his overseas girlfriend (or potentially string of them), will the Xbox LIVE enforcement team take action on his account for such recreational non-gaming activities with his penis?

She wired in a dual dip-switch package and really went the extra mile to design it into the case.

The fit and finish of that switch is just one tiny detail the illustrates the care taken with the entire project.

"I guess it was only a matter of time." That's how adult-game maker Thri XXX sums up its latest project, a sex game that uses the Xbox 360's motion-sensing camera to let users fondle virtual females.

Viewable via a risque You Tube video, a demonstration of the game--still in its early stages--shows a user controlling the onscreen action with just his hand.

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