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Syria women for dating

Moreover, in recent years the so-called Islamic State, some Syrian opposition groups, Kurdish forces and pro-government militias have been treating female detainees in the same way.According to the independent Syrian Network for Human Rights (), since March 2011 some 13,920 women and girls have been arbitrarily detained in Syria.On the cold morning of December 9, 2013, members of the Student Union stormed the university campus in the Mezzeh district of Damascus, demanding to see student IDs.When they saw Mona’s name, they took her to the faculty of medicine, where she was beaten and accused of participating in and filming protests, engaging with “malicious” networks and undermining President Bashar al-Assad.were arrested when they were caring for their children,” either at home, at a checkpoint or a border crossing, according to the report.Among them was 30-year-old Amina, a mother of four children who was pregnant at the time of her arrest.One Syrian woman who gave her testimony to Edris earlier this year found out that government forces were looking to arrest her.

They don’t care if her children will be alone or not,” Edris said.

But for women, the consequences and impact can be much worse.

– Mona Burhan had already been “indirectly” threatened by female faculty members at the University of Damascus where she was studying when a female member of the Student Union accused her of being involved in anti-government protests and beat her.

They arrested her, bringing both her and her husband in for interrogation.

She wasn’t beaten, but they threatened to kill her if she didn’t confess to providing information to the regime. While both men and women have been arrested at home, this arrest campaign presents a unique problem for women, who are often the sole carers for their children.

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Government forces arrested her in her home and brought her to Branch 215 in Damascus.