Updating cell phone

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Updating cell phone

If your presence status is updating inconsistently, there are some steps you can take to optimize performance.

The steps below are not guaranteed fixes, as there are many variables outside of Smart Things’ control that affect mobile presence.

Note: You'll need to be connected to either Wi Fi or on-network (not roaming) cellular to update your PRL.

Mobile presence gives you the ability to know when people come and go using the location services on their phones or cellular-connected tablets.

Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, mobile devices’ native capabilities and battery/data allocation, electromagnetic fields, solar flares (no joke), and other innumerable factors can influence your presence status.

Results vary by person, by phone, and by whether you wish hard enough (yes joke).

For further information about mobile presence behavior, common issues, and the role your mobile device plays, read this article.

As you pass from one cell to the next, sometimes the phone has to take a second to find the new signal, so it will go out of service for a second or two and then beep back on.

Regularly updating the Preferred Roaming List (PRL) is advised if you use your phone outside of Sprint's home area frequently, especially if you use your phone in multiple different areas.

This allows the phone to choose the best roaming carriers, particularly roaming partners rather than non-affiliated carriers, and may improve your roaming network coverage.

● Some functions of Samsung Kies may differ depending on devices and are subject to change without prior notice.

● To download and install Smart Switch, visit Samsung Smart Switch site.

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Knee: A phone has to self-orient itself occasionally with, with cell towers.

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