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= null) { //condition for refresh if (is Element In Cache Expired(cache Name, element)) else //return element from cache element = get Element From Cache(blocking Cache, cache Entry Key); return element This is the approach I took to solve this classic Ehcache “Catch-22” problem that included having to return expired data when I am not able to retrieve new data.

Since it would be an Eh Cache type of cache, it would have the properties of the cache configured in the file, and we are especially interested in the expiration property if we want to refresh this cache at some interval.

We’ve defined the time-to-live (TTL) to be 15 minutes (900 seconds) in eh-cache.xml: time To Idle Seconds: Sets the time to idle for an element before it expires.

In other words, the maximum amount of time between accesses before an element expires is only used if the element is not eternal.

The cache knows how to populate itself, after expiration it would again use the method to retrieve the new values, so the second problem of expiration would be solved.

Eh Cache offers the class Self Populating Cache that extends Blocking Cache class.

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Optional attribute — a value of 0 means that an element can idle for infinity. time To Live Seconds: Sets the time to live for an element before it expires.