Us expat dating in singapore

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Us expat dating in singapore

Expats can also consider taking a class, volunteering, or starting a blog about life in Singapore. Quality healthcare in Singapore is affordable, compared to a place like the United States, whether one has insurance or not.Even if one does not have access to the city-state's socialised healthcare system, healthcare in Singapore is still reasonably priced as long as expats are insured.When considering a move abroad, it can be all too easy to assume that a rosier life awaits in your new home.However, as serial expats can attest, all places have their own pluses and minuses.Several budget airlines offer affordable fares to neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.Sometimes planning a trip at the last minute can result in extremely cheap airfare.

Much of the housing in Singapore comes in high-rise condo or apartment form.Those who have insurance can contact their provider for a list of recommended doctors and clinics.An unexpected trip to the doctor can be a bit expensive if they do not accept direct bill settlement from the insurance company, and the patient is left having to pay the bill on the spot.Cabs, which are also extremely affordable, are an alternative mode of transportation.Owning a car in Singapore is a seriously expensive undertaking.

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There are a number of private hospitals, public hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout the island to choose from.