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【STREAM】 1) Click on the Mode Dial to switch to 【Capture / Stream mode】. 3) Click 【】 tab to select the desired Streaming Platform then click 【Edit】 tab to open 【Add New Streaming Platform】.4) Click on 【General】 tab then click 【】 tab to select 【Custom】. The “Member Since” date that you see in the Account Management section on and on your console is not the same as your tenure. You’ll need to login with the Windows Live ID associated with the Gamer Tag.(a) Please make sure you are using a native Intel, Renesas, or Fresco USB 3.0 chipset. For example if you created a gamertag on August 4th of 2007 but didn’t upgrade it to gold until February 14th of 2008; today the Gold Tenure would be 1 year because the account spent 6 months of it’s first year in Silver status. The article online says that if I had a 14 day break in my Gold account status, my tenure would reset! Edit: The official Xbox Support document on Tenure has been updated.

If you have been duly granted a license to record copyrighted contents, it is technically possible to use a splitter with our product; however, our warranty does not cover such usage, and AVer Media will not be liable to any damage caused by such actions.

To ensure the recorded quality, make sure the CPU Usage does not go over 70% while recording the video. Usually this does not happen, we recommend you to close and reopen RECentral 2 and your screen should resume normal display.

If you still see a black screen, the source signal may be protected by HDCP.

Click here to see a tutorial for disabling HDCP on PS4.【RECORD】 1) Click on the Mode Dial to switch to 【Capture / Stream mode】. 3) Click 【】 tab to select 「Custom」 then click 【Edit】 tab to open 【Recording Quality Settings】.

4) Click 【】 tab to select the desired Codec from the dropdown menu.

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